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July 15th, 2006

Presidents List Honors

During my stint at the Art Institute of Seattle my hard work resulted in being honored on the President’s List 3 out of the 6 quarters I was there. Presidents List includes students with a perfect 4.0 gpa. The other 3 quarters I was on the Dean’s list which requires a 3.8 or better gpa.

This is quite a change from my time at PLU where I learned a lot more about life than I did about, well any of my subjects.

An added benefit of being on the President’s list is the ceremony. AiS has a very prestigious culinary program, and guess who caters the ceremony? The food was always fantastic and of course free, a big bonus when you’re a college student.

Now that I’ve graduated and started working, I realize that being on the President’s list doesn’t mean much to employers, but it reminds me of what I can accomplish if I put in the effort. If nothing else, it motivates me to achieve more.