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January 29th, 2008

Seattle Symphony Popular Culture Series Minisite

At PBJS, I recently worked on a slick minisite to promote the Seattle Symphony Popular culture series starting in Feb 2008. The shows feature Bela Fleck, Los Lobos, and Herbie Hancock. Check it out, it’s well done and if you’re into any of the bands click on the buy now links. I’m totally stoked to see Los Lobos! See you there!

The site was built using Flash. All the cool tweening was done using the MCTween extension for AS2 as well as a touch of Fuse.

January 28th, 2008

Real Men Love the Fifth Element

In yet another installment of our “Real Men Love” movie series, we examine The Fifth Element, the sci-fi action-adventure that celebrates its tenth anniversary this year. What makes this film so memorable? So entertaining? So balls-out awesome? Read on to find out.

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January 28th, 2008

Vectorizeing bitmaps just got easier!

I ran across the VectorMagic website today and gave it a whirl. Very impressive service. Not only is it free, but it does a hell of a job. I uploaded this little gif:

and the service returned a very precise .eps file:

I just wanted to share this cool service with my loyal readers. Another very cool aspect of this service is it’s Flash based. You’ll notice that it has a Flex interface and is running in a Flash player. For the type of work I do, this is one of the more useful online applications I’ve run across. Hopefully the people at Standford have heard about Adobe AIR and are working on a desktop version of VectorMagic! hint hint