Ryan C. Davidson - a.k.a. Discorax

I am fluent in the language and skills of designers, developers, and project managers and can communicate between or act as any of the three.

As an interactive designer/developer I work to solve complex design and development problems in interactive environments. I have 4 years experience working with user experience design and have added development to my list of expertise. I have a deep understanding of the business of creative interactive work and can act as a bridge between designers’ creative needs, developers’ technical needs and business objectives.

I graduated from the Art Institute of Seattle in the Interactive Media Design (IMD) program in 2006.

I continue to get inspiration from industry conferences and local user groups.

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  1. Hi!

    First of all I wanted to say that’s a nice script you whipped up over there: http://ryancdavidson.com/blog/2010/04/simple-php-twitter-script/#sb_widget_twitter

    and of course a thank you for making it available to the public!

    I’ve only ran but into one minor difficulty and I was hoping you could help. I’ve been trying to also fetch the twitter post’s timestamp (Date more than time, but also time if possible) and place it in $prefix but I must be doing something wrong as everything I tried failed =/

    Any chance you can lend a hand here? or more accurately a pair of working eyes? :)

    haha thanks anyways ahead of time!!
    - John M

  2. hmm!

    That was supposed to be sent as a private message. My apologies for overlooking the form’s function.

    Thanks again!

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