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March 5th, 2008

MIX08 Keynote online – Silverlight 2

I wasn’t able to attend MIX08 this year, but I was really interested in hearing the keynote especially about Silverlight 2. Lucky for me the MIX Online Blog team had a live stream that I could watch. Scott Guthrie came on and started talking just about the time I showed up. He announced the Silverlight 2 Beta 1 which will be available later today.

I caught the tail end of the Internet Explorer 8 talk. link should be live later today.

Scott Guthrie talked in his keynote a lot about business and monetization of RIAs. How can you create ads, add Ads to your content (video, audio etc).

OMG there is a VS2008 Banner ad Template plugin that they demoed. It created all the crap that I’ve been working on for a month now that is all packaged up. Hummm…being on a cutting edge can be tough. Now how do I get a copy of this thing so our deployment can be simplified.

HOW DO I DEPLOY THE AD…Video.Show deploying a Silverlight app. Lots of tracking, lots of useful metrics to tell the ad manager about how effective the campaign is. Overlay adverts, Preroll, and much more. Encoder 2 has some potential for rich advertising scenarios.

Using DoubleClick and Silverlight…Ari Poparo talking about supporting media publishing and Silverlight. Has some rich reporting metrics but also cool because a dev can use these events to enhance the experience.

So far, all these cool features aren’t available yet…blech. Site Showoff…Perkins Miller, Matthew Rex. 22,000 hours LIVE ONLINE VIDEO…holy crap! AND VOD (Video On Demand) That’s a lot of content. Interactive Video and Video Delivery of the highest quality. DVR capabilities with the live video, rewind live stream and alerts to quickly switch between viewing experiences. Sharing these videos with others, that’s pretty damn cool! Picture in Picture hahaha…this thing is completely over the top. Will this create a new standard? HAHAHA 3 different streams of the same event…see what other people are watching…and he just keeps going…gawd. I will have to check this out when it goes live. PLUS, how crazy good will this be for Silverlight deployment?!

Now Scott is going into RIAs. Cross-Browser, Cross-Platform .NET Framework.

  • Multi_Language Support
  • WPF UI Framework
  • Robust Networking
  • Integrated Data Support
  • High Performance
  • Small Download, Fast Install (Beta 1 – 4.6MB download)
  • Rich UI Controls

the “dev-igner” very rich control templateing skinning model Custom Animations, Custom State Changes as well as CSS style changes. Making it very easy to customize and skin these controls. New VS2008 Silverlight support…boy I’d love to have that right now. So you can BUILD the application but then hand off to a designer to re-skin without having to write or update any code. YEAH new beta 1 updates for VS2008 and Expression Studio shipping later today.

Showcasing a new Mail Client from AOL using Silverlight to speed up performance, add custom-ability, create an experience much like a desktop application.

Create experiences that don’t exist today…humm…lets see where this goes.


Line of Business – Application Cirque de Soleil using WPF.

HAHA Scott Guthrie circus talent was juggling two balls, and he even dropped um. Funny!

OK..Moving on to Mobile Devices. Silverlight for mobile, bringing Silverlight anywhere, same code, assets skills and tools, Next generation mobile experiences.
Mixer – Darren David, real time mobile based application. Where’s the party at…haha funny little app. Your cell phone telling you you’ve had too much to drink and then making you take a sobriety test…that’s funny. Nokia delivers Silverlight…not just for Mobile PCs. is the Silverlight application that will run native on Nokia phones, on the web, or on WPF on your desktop. Wow…dis on Flash Lite…they said it was too costly to build the weatherbug app. Wonder why that was?

Time to go get all the new updates to get started with Silverlight 2.

February 25th, 2008

Silverlight 1.0 – Beyond Rich Media Playback

I’ve been working hard the past few weeks on a Silverlight Rich Media Expandable Ad project at PBJS. The task at hand was to really push the Silverlight 1.0 plug-in to do things it wasn’t really designed to do. The project was generally a success. What I’m planning on doing is putting up some code snippets that I used to create this project to hopefully shed some light on Silverlight 1.0 for anyone that is interested in learning it.

The project pays homage to the Justice D.A.N.C.E. Video but adds an interactive element where you can influence the animations on the shirts.

For now, please check out the project.Please leave comments about any questions you might have.

I’m also going to try to see if I can get everything working live on this page, just curious at how well the Silverlight 1.0 plug-in will work inside blogger.

update: didn’t work so well. so please view the project here.

With Silverlight 2.0 coming out soon, I’m very interested in making use of some of the features that were lacking in the 1.0 release, namely Rich UI Controls, Alpha Channel support in video, and a more robust graphical rendering engine. This project did push me into learning more about XAML and how to manipulate it using JavaScript.

XAML is pretty slick. The biggest drawback that I’ve seen so far is it’s a little verbose for markup. In many cases, characters could be left out and it would cut down significatly on the file size of the XAML. It also requires all data to be a string, which isn’t very efficient in my option. In many cases, I had to convert values to and from integers and strings because I couldn’t use integers as values for attributes like Canvas.Left and Opacity. That struck me as a little odd, but I digress.

The other thing is every time you enter a value for a color, XAML adds the Alpha value as well. In my opinion, the default should be full Opacity every time unless otherwise stated. So #ff0000 for Red rather than #ffff0000, which is two extra characters for every color. There is probably a good reason for this, but I don’t know why.

The Code Trip is kicking off after Mix08. I’m really anxious to see what kind of apps the guys come up with. I think Silverlight does have a valuable place on the web, and I hope to see more cool implementations in the near future using the new 2.0 features. For now I’ve been reading Scott Guthrie’s blog which has a preview of Silverlight 2.0. There will be a lot of Silverlight hype in the coming months, I’m looking forward to the dust settling and taking a calm look at the aftermath and enjoying some full featured Silverlight Apps.