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March 16th, 2009

MIX09 Show Off Entry

MIX09 Show Off Competition

Here at PBJS my co-worker Craig Miller and myself have worked on a few very cool Microsoft related projects in the past year. We decided we should make a little video to highlight those cool projects and the technology used to create them.

This year at MIX09 they are continuing the “Show Off” Competition. Make a 3-minute video showcasing your use of Microsoft Technology and enter it for a chance to win $500 and the respect and admiration of your peers.

Here is the result. Check it out.

Download the Source Code for the Silverlight Media Banner (Project #1)

Both of the Microsoft Company Store installations can be seen inside the Company Store on Redmond Campus, Building 92.

March 11th, 2009

Twitter Mosaic Design…

Want to follow me on Twitter?

Be a part of something special. Like this sweet Twitter Mosaic Design!

January 30th, 2009

The Color NodeTree

Here is my last minute entry into the MIX09 10K Contest.

It’s a standard spring loaded Node Tree, but the cool part is that each node has a random color value. As the nodes get close to each other they give off their color. You can click on any of the nodes to change the color or turn Popping on to have the computer do it for you.

We’ll see what the community thinks!

This is my first Silverlight 2.0 project, but I have done a lot of work with WPF. And I have to say that the upgrades from Silverlight 1.0 to Silverlight 2.0 are night and day. I can imagine creating this exact same effect in Silverlight 1 would have taken much more than 10k and would have run slower, and not looked nearly as cool.

Considering the announcement of Silverlight 3.0 at MIX09 this year. I’m pretty excited to see what they are going to add. I’m praying for Text Anti-Aliasing and Video with Alpha Channel. If I get those two, Silverlight 3.0 will really give Flash a run for my development time.

See you at MIX!