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August 18th, 2008

Vampire Energy

No, it’s not the amount of pints it takes to keep your local daywalker amped up. Vampire energy is energy wasted by electronics that are plugged in but not doing anything. Take a look at this quality video and all will be clear. Maybe if we take some of this advice to heart our atmosphere will be a little more clear in the future. Enjoy.


December 4th, 2007

Understanding Flash High-Def

With the recent announcement that Adobe has released the update 3 for Flash Player 9 which now has support for High-Definition (HD) using the H.264 codec, I wanted to do some research on what exactly the difference is between regular and HD video. One of my jobs at PBJS is to prepare videos we produce for delivery on the web. I often use Flash for this task and now being able to offer video at standard and High-def presents me with options and more decisions. It’s my job to inform my bosses what the possibilities and limitations are with these video technologies. Time to study up I guess.

As you can see from the example above, there is quite a bit more video information when you look at 1080p vs Standard Def. No wonder things look so much better and no wonder the files are HUGE! While I was doing more research on Flash HD I found an article from David Hassoun called Exploring Flash Player support for high-definition H.264 video and AAC audio about high-def video and audio for Flash.

When watching HD video on the web these differences can be harder to realize. I know my computer screen resolution is 1650 x 1050, which is larger than an HD television. Because of that, when I go full-screen with a web video, even an HD video gets a little pixelated.

There is still a lot left to learn, but I’m diving in head first and will share more soon. For now Just have to share the excitement about HD Video in flash.

Download the Flash player update.

October 31st, 2007

Happy Halloween Charlie Brown from Seth Green

Thank you Robot Chicken for taking yet another childhood memory and flushing it down the toilet.


Don’t mess with Mr. Brown!