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Aug 30, 2007


You can also click on the RoganVision link on the right to get there.

RoganVision is a bunch of short videos of Rogan doing stuff! Enjoy!]]>

Aug 30, 2007

One week and counting…

Start you off with a little slice of heaven.

I took this one, it’s going into a frame for sure!

Rogan’s been here for a week now. It’s been a roller coaster. They’re not kidding when they say Eat, Sleep, Poop. That’s pretty much all he does, however in the last two days we can add spit up on daddy to that list.

Daddy and Rogan in the Rocking chair.

The first few days of feeding were good, but things got difficult when mommies milk came in, Rogan was having trouble adapting. After a few days of fussy feedings he’s got it down, no problem. Two short 10 min feedings have been replaced by one 30-50 minute feeding.

Sleeping…Rogan has been sleeping pretty well actually, as have his parents. We’ve got a system where we pass him off after feedings throughout the night. It’s worked out so that both of us can usually get at least 5 hours of sleep a night, not consecutive of course. Most of the time he’s sleeping in our arms on our Boppy pillow. We’ve got him down by himself a few times for naps, one stretching over 4 hours!!! (hopefully a taste of things to come).

Rogan and Andrea sleeping. So cute!

Poop…well it’s poop. Rogan was a little Jaundice but it’s clearing up with all the eating and pooping he’s doing :) After dropping down to 7lbs 2oz when we were discharged from the hospital, Rogan’s weight has started to come up. At his first pediatric appointment last Tuesday, he weighed in at 7lbs 4oz. He’s on his way up now, and his Jaundice is clearing up.

When he’s awake, he’s VERY awake.

Andrea and I are enjoying ourselves…I’m getting a chance to watch all the Lord of the Rings movies (extended version) at night while we’re getting Rogan to sleep :) Andrea’s favorite part so far is all the snuggling. The little guy curls up into a little ball and snuggles on her chest. As for me, it’s just being involved. I was really afraid that with Andrea breastfeeding I wouldn’t really get a chance to bond with Rogan, but we’re pals. He’s marked his territory by spitting up on me every chance he gets :)

Thank you so much for all your messages of congratulations. We’ll be having a meet and greet soon so the rest of you can get a chance to see little Rogan LIVE!!!

Rogan in his snuggler on his way home from the hospital!

Aug 26, 2007

Who wants a play-by-play?

Andrea truly is a queen.

When you give birth to a prince you become a queen, when you do it naturally you get a crown! Apparently 90% of the women who have their babies at Evergreen have an epidural, Andrea is one tough cookie. Look how happy she looks? Let see how we got there, shall we?

Early Morning: We were scheduled to go in for induction at 7:15am. After a night of tossing and turning we woke up around 5:30 to get ready. I was just about to put all our stuff in the car and I called the hospital to confirm our time. While I was on the phone with one nurse, Andrea's phone rang. It was a different nurse telling us that they were full up and couldn't take us. For anyone that knows Andrea this was a big deal. It had taken all our strength to get ready to leave that morning and now all of a sudden we were on call. Talk about an unnecessary emotional drain.

To kill time before they called us back we took a walk, a LONG walk. It was refreshing being in the cool morning air. It calmed us both down and let us get a little blood pumping.

10:00 am: We got a call from the nurse saying that we were all set to start at 11:30am. No turning back now.

12:00 noon: We got checked in and overcame the first hurdle, the IV. Then Andrea started the Pitocin drip. Her readout was showing good reactions. She was having contractions about every 2-3 minutes. She wasn't, however, feeling any of them. As you can see from this picture.

That didn't last. After four hours of contractions without feeling a single one, our midwife broke her water and it was on! The contractions were still every 2-3 minutes, but she was feeling them now. As we walked around the hospital wing we were having to stop every 20 feet or so. Ouch!

Skipping ahead through 7 hours of labor…and we're pushing. When Rogan first started to crown our midwife said, “he's got lots of black hair!” Andrea and I looked at each other with surprise. Black? BLACK? Not that we mind at all, but it wasn't what we were expecting. Things progressed and Andrea was AMAZING! Keeping her breathing almost the whole time!

It came time for the big moment with one hand on Andrea's knee the other with a Number 7 glove I guided Rogan's head out while Andrea pushed with everything she had left! Right after Rogan came out Andrea said, “Oh, Hi baby, thank you for coming out!” You could hear the laughter from the grandparents in the hall. Then I got to cut the cord!

Andrea had some issues that needed attention, so while she was being taken care of I got to welcome our son into this world. I helped weight him, 7 lbs 15.4oz and 21 inches long, for those keeping score at home.

I put him in his first diaper, and swaddled him! Look who's zonked out in the background! She deserved a good rest!

Once Andrea was ready, this was taken.

Andrea was really tired, but of course she had to feed Rogan. So it was my job to feed her! MmmMmmMmm…Turkey sandwich!

Andrea was able to rest and there was a little Father/Son bonding going on in the chair next to her.

We spent the next day and night at the hospital and got home around noon on Friday!

Bringing home baby!

So there you have it…an abbreviated version…but the highlights are there! Now here's some cute pictures for you to enjoy!

Who wants a baby burrito? I did that swaddle, not bad eh?

Rogan's cute outfit! Look at that hair!!!

And here is Rogan with his Nana!

Aug 23, 2007

Rogan James McKay Davidson

Welcome into the world Rogan James McKay Davidson, born August 22nd 2007 at 10:56pm. Weighing in at just under 8 lbs, and 21 inches long. Mother and baby are doing fine.

Sleeping (for an hour)

The new Davidson Family.

A more detailed post and more pictures to follow. Wait till you see the color of his hair!]]>

Aug 22, 2007

See you on the other side!

Please keep your thoughts with us for smooth sailing and a complication free labor and birth.

See you on the other side!]]>

Aug 16, 2007

A little too comfortable

We're trying to figure out who's nose he'll get…

Everything is still progressing normally, slowly, but normally. We've made an appointment for induction for next Wed, Aug 22. We'll see if we get there. One thing is certain, this time next week we'll have a little boy!


Aug 12, 2007

Phase 3…complete

First, here is a little video of our living room. Hopefully it gives you a better idea of the size and relations of the room.

Note the white fuzzball on the back of the chair. That's our cat Sebastian, fully recovered from his surgery. And yes, that's a vacuum you hear in the background. Gotta keep the house clean while we can.

Our new painting, sconces…

..and wall d

Aug 7, 2007

Everything is on schedule

Speaking of Gymboree. Andrea and Nana were browsing the other day and found some very cute outfits. There is the little ants and the fall brown collection. See how cute they are.

Ants collection

Fall colors collection

We've been thinking a lot about his hair color lately. We've somehow got it into our heads that Neddy will come out with black hair. Don't ask me why. We had convinced ourselves that he was going to have red hair for obviously reasons. Nana was excitedly optimistic for the dark hair. Seeing her genes in her grandson right away. :)

The house is in good shape. We bought the final pieces for the ceiling fan and back splash. Once those projects are done the house projects will be complete. Phase 3 of the nursery is progressing slowly but surely. We've got most of the characters painted. It's been tricky mixing the colors to paint over the teal. We've got everything all drawn out on the walls now, just need to finish filling them all in. There will be pictures shortly, I promise!

The bag is packed, we're pre-registered at the hospital, our last baby class is tomorrow…and we've purchased the all important exercise ball! Now we're ready, or at least we think we're ready.

“Bring it on!” says the man who doesn't have to go through labor. :) ]]>

Aug 4, 2007

Family Portrait from Springfield

The picture says it all. If you want to make your own go here. ]]>

Aug 2, 2007

Aunt Renee and Uncle Brian…

Looks like little Neddy is going to have a cousin! I can see it now, two little boys running around. Oh the fun we will have when the families get together! I'll bring the video camera!

Here is Aunt Renee showing and glowing.

A 4D ultrasound of the little guy.

More boy stuff!

Congratulations you two!!! What a whirlwind of a year! Andrea and I are so happy for you both! ]]>